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The Beginning
The Beginning
The Beginning
In 1965, Elder J.D. Hamilton came to Chandler from Florida to start a revival, and what happened from that point is history and marks the beginning of what is, to us, the greatest church of all Faith Tabernacle Church of Deliverance.
In 1966, the church was incorporated by the State of Texas, with Elder J.D. Hamilton as it's initial registered agent and received its charter on December 13 of that same year. the articles of incorporation, as well as names of the original board of directors, are included in the history of the church.

On reading the articles of incorporation, one may notice the meager beginnings of the church, its simplified purpose, and its timeless duration. The mission of the church is to reach and save the souls of men; this is a perpetual mission pursued by the our founder and is continually being pursued as we strive to reach lost souls for Jesus Christ.                                                                           

In our founders own words...
It was in 1965, the Lord sent Elder J.D. Hamilton into chandler to do a revival, and from the revival, there sprang forth a church that is yet on fire for God even now after 45 years. when He first came into Chandler, Elder Robert Jones, of Dallas, was the pastor and Elder L.C. Frater, of Chandler, was assisting him. With Brother Frater were his wife and two daughters; Brother Edward Johnson, Brother George Johnson; their mother and Brother Brothers Edwards wife Sis. Shirley Jean Johnson; a friend Sister Lillie Faye Thompson, Mother and Brother Cofer and their children; Sister and Brother Purvey; these persons made up the first people of Faith Tabernacle Church of Deliverance in Chandler, Texas.
The Lord continually blessed time after time. Mother Everline Anderson who sleeps today, was our fist Mother, and she brought with her a group from Moore's Station; numbers of people came, and the Lord began revivals through the Man of God.
We saw the sick healed; we saw the dead raised; we saw the devil cast out. If it's in the Bible in the works of the apostles, we saw it through the Man of God. We remember the first rival after we cam and started the church; it was on the east said of Tyler with Elder Smith. In that revival, the Lord healed Sister Cressie Curtis of a heart condition. The doctor had told her she would always have a heart condition, but the Lord healed her of that. Many miracles were wrought  in the that service. And from there, we went to Ruth Temple, down in the Antioch community, and the Lord did move by his mighty power. Mr. Marshall Crawford, Senior was healed in that meeting; one mother was healed just by looking upon me; the Lord told another to read her Bible; she began to do so, and her eyesight came back. Over and over, too many to tell--then we went to Live Coal, in Moore's Station, and the Lord began to move there. There he drew Sister Bessie Douglas. She didn't want to hear the truth; it was bothering her , and I told her that night, "I'm going to send this home with you, and you'll hear it in you sleep." she did, and she began to follow the ministry.
I want you to be blessed as you read this history of this ministry. For this ministry is dedicated for the souls of people. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life." He died for people, and he still needs people to go into the vineyards and work and do the will of God and tell the story of the resurrected Lord.
From Moore's Station we also went in Frankston with Elder Barrett and Sister Henderson, and the Lord did numbers of miracles there; everywhere we stopped, the Lord would do mighty, mighty things. We did not go for money or fame; we went for the saving of souls because the true ministry of God is saving souls.
Back to Faith Tabernacle after the meetings a young girl named Pauline Crawford had gotten her lip cut off, with just a string hanging. Her mother was not a member of our church, and when we would go by her house to pick up saints, she would go in the house; she wanted no part of holiness. But someone told her to bring the baby to Chandler and she would be healed. That night the mother came up and told me she wanted prayer for her baby. I told her that the Lord said He wasn't after the girl, He was after her. The Lord healed the girls lip. She is now grown and is yet healed. Her lips look like they were never bothered, and her mother is a great soul winner for the Lord with us here in Chandler.
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