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Elder Charles Edward Johnson
Elder Charles Edward Johnson
Whether or not to move his family to California was one of the most prevalent decisions on his mind when he returned home to Chandler in 1962. There really wasn't much to offer in this small rural area. He felt he had out grown it and it was time to move on. Little did he know that the Lord would raise up a major ministry in this small country town of Chandler, Texas.
Pastor Johnson had just gotten out of the service in 1962 when he and his family began going to prayer meetings at their home church. It seemed that the main prayer that the saints were praying (not only in our church but others as well) was, "Lord send someone to bring deliverance to your people.
They all had read the Bible and knew that the churches in the area did not have the type of ministry of Jesus Christ and Paul that they were looking for. The message they taught brought deliverance to God's people. Pastor Johson had attended big evangelist meetings and heard many ministers coming through; however, his hunger and thirst after righteousness was not being nourished neither quenched. He wanted to see the manifestations and the glory of God demonstrated in the local churches.
Elder Robert Jones, who was the pastor at the time, invited Poppa Elder J.D. Hamilton down one Easter Sunday for a service. The Lord blessed and the services were so power packed that Poppa was invited for a revival. Through this man of God they saw what they had been praying for--God had answered their prayers!
After hearing the man of God and seeing and receiving such mighty miracles and blessings, California was out of the picture- Pastor Johnson had found an assurance for the "whole man."
Elder J.D. Hamilton became to pastor in 1965 and Pastor Jonson worked with him from the beginning of his ministry. He saw countless of miracles and deliverances happen over the years. He lived to see prophecies, spoken words, and revelations uttered from the man of God's mouth being fulfilled. Pastor Johnson shared in the pains, the sufferings, and struggles of the gospel being preached and proclaimed that "VICTORY" has been the outcome every time!
At the loss of the Elder J.D. Hamilton Pastor Edward Johnson along with Pastor Micheaux carried on the ministry and through their leadership God continued to move and work for His people.
In Memoriam
In January 2011 the Lord called Pastor Johnson home. Pastor Johnson believed the gospel. He was an example to many. God used him greatly to preach an end time message. Many times sick and weak he soldiered on and you would never know, he preached until his soul was delivered. He loved Gods people and held a special love for young people. He looked for opportunities to allow them to serve on God’s program. His only requirement was that their lives line up with the word and will of God. Today many are holding because of the time and sound council that he gave. 
In his last days he prayed for the saints that God would continue to move for his people and that the lost would be saved. We owe a debt to gratitude for Pastor Edward Johnson for his life and service to Gods people. While he is no longer in our midst he will never be forgotten. 
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