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Elder J.D. Hamilton, Founder

Most people, when put to the task can recall a particular person or place that has had the most profound effect  on their lives.  Some may find it necessary to think long and hard to recall this person or place while others will readily remember.  To us, the members and to many of those people who follow the ministry, Faith Tabernacle Church Chandler has become a symbol of light and hope throughout East Texas, the nation and the world.

Years ago the founder and Chief Apostle of Tabernacle Churches of Deliverance, Inc., the late Elder J.D. Hamilton, was inspired by the Holy Ghost to publish an account of the history of the church.  No one could relate the course this organization has taken as the found could.  It was he whom God directed to begin this great work.  He knew all the trials and tribulations the church withstood; he was the head of each victory that was won through Jesus Christ.

This, then is a brief history of Faith Tabernacle as told by our founder.  It is told in his own words and other sources.  We trust and pray that as you read this account your spirit will be uplifted and that you will be lead to follow  Christ.

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 March18, 1994

May 19, 1994

November 20, 1993

April 1993 "Come"

July 15, 1994 - Worship the Lord